How to Take Care of Your Adorable Birkenstock Sandals

How to Take Care of Your Adorable Birkenstock Sandals

As a human being, your feet are most likely to sweat throughout summer season– it’s what bodies do– so you’ll undoubtedly experience an occasion when perhaps upload exercise, or throughout a specifically sweltering day, the stench of your feet makes your eyes water. Don’t sweat it; there’s no requirement to be embarrassed concerning your natural body functions. Nonetheless, the smell of your feet may come to be an issue if it embeds right into your precious Birkenstocks. You might be stunned at how shoes can begin to be smelly considering they’re open to the air, however, it does happen, so you’ll need a contingency plan if you discover on your own in this dilemma.

Below are a few essential suggestions on exactly how to take care of your Birkenstock sandals, so you can keep your Birks as pleased as they maintain you:

Keep them far from the heat

Regulation number one of looking after Birkenstocks is never to expose them to extreme or straight heat. The cork footbeds and also EVA (Ethyl Plastic Acetate) soles of Birkenstocks don’t do too well when exposed to concentrated heat sources like radiators, fireplaces or strike dryers, as this can trigger the cork to dry as well as split. You must additionally prevent leaving them in hot cars and trucks or straight sunshine for extended periods. Do not be attracted to attempt any ‘fast fix’ drying approaches if your Birks get wet– air drying them gradually as well as carefully is the only way to do it.

Maintain your cork secured

That supportive cork footbed on your Birkenstocks must be glossy as well as stiff, yet after considerable using it can dry, go dull and begin to crack. To counter this, you will undoubtedly require a bottle of Birkenstock Cork Sealer, which you ought to use in a thin layer whenever your cork starts to lose its glossy gloss. If you keep up this vital routine as commonly as they require it, you can make your Birkenstocks last a lifetime.

Keep them smell fresh

Birkenstocks are known for two things: comfort as well as scent. This unfavourable latter comes as a result of being subjected to bare feet, sweat as well as, indeed, the components. This is a natural condition that’s to be anticipated, and also the good news is it is additionally simple to counteract with a little Tender Loving Care. Simply get your own a bottle of Birkenstock’s Cleanser & Refresher, spray the whole footbed with an even layer as well as clean away any dust or excess cleanser with a clean fabric after that utilise your nubuck/suede brush to brush the nap back to its all-natural state delicately. Repeat this process whenever you discover a faint whiff from your sandals to keep them smelling and also really feeling fresh for longer.

Safeguard them from water spots

As well as the cork footbed, which requires to be taken care of, your Birkenstock uppers are made from leather, suede or nubuck. These products need to be shielded proactively from water damages from day one, which you can do using your Birkenstock Water & Spot Repellent. Merely brush your suede/leather/nubuck uppers with your suede brush to get rid of any dirt, dust and loose particles. After that, apply the water repellent and provide the material one more mild scrub to restore the natural nap before leaving to air completely dry.

Rub away the spots carefully

The cork footbeds of Birkenstocks tend to develop dark footprint stains gradually, which can be instead undesirable to claim the least. Don’t fret, and you don’t require any expensive chemicals to do away with these; all you need is a basin of warm water, fabric and also some old soap. Delicately scrub away the footprint stains and any various other spots with the cloth as well as leave them to completely dry. Keep in mind, any right or extreme warmth can destroy your reliable Birks permanently. Likewise, remember to maintain your Birkenstock far from home dust such as asbestos because it might impact your beautiful birk colour to discolouration and additionally threaten your health.

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